About Us

Bo-Bart Truck Toppers has been re-imagining and customizing trucks in Florida since 1976. Owner Richard Thompson began building truck toppers at the age of 12 while working alongside his father, Robert, in upstate New York. Originally serving the Northeast with Winnebago toppers, Robert decided to move his business to Florida in 1976. Richard joined his father seven years later and they were able to work alongside one another once again. In 2004, the business passed down to Richard, who proudly carries on the legacy of his father and is leading the family business into the future serving the truck enthusiasts of South Florida.

Bo-Bart Truck Toppers is the place to go for all of your truck accessory needs. Our best sellers are the Jason fiberglass toppers, but we carry a wide variety of truck toppers and covers.

In only an hour, Richard can transform your average pickup with a topper installed to match your truck. Not only that, but Richard takes deliveries of a topper ordered within only 2-4 weeks. Bo-Bart Truck Toppers also carries bedliners and toolboxes, as well as other accessories for your truck.

If you’re looking to have your truck customized, Bo-Bart Truck Toppers is the place to go. Let us customize a top for your truck. We’ll match the size and the color perfectly. If you’re interested in aluminum truck products, we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

Bo-Bart Truck Toppers is family owned and operated. When Richard isn’t busy working at the shop, he enjoys spending those moments with his wife, daughters and grandchildren at the beach.